Other Games inspired by Jules Verne novels

The Secret of the Nautilus

Inspired by Jules Verne's: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

While performing a routine oceanic scan onboard a military submarine, a mysterious metal structure is detected on the sonar. Unbelievably, the size and coordinates of the structure lead a young scientist to suspect that it might be the legendary Nautilus, said to have been lost well over a century ago.

Exploring the craft, the scientist begins to detect an unknown energy form, which seems to have control over the entire vessel. Seemingly intelligent, the mysterious force begins to trigger a wave of events designed to thwart the exploration of the vessel. Something, or someone, does not want you to discover the mysteries which lie hidden within. Take on the role of the scientist and attempt to outsmart this unknown intelligence, as you explore the Nautilus and uncover all of its secrets.

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